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Lowryder autoflower feminized (3 seeds) Joint Doctors

€ 23,95
Discontinued No longer available

The Lowryder feminized (3 seeds) is known due to the fact that the plant remains very low. Many types of cannabis plants can be 2 meters high, the Lowryder stays between 30 and 40 cm, it is these characteristics that makes the Lowryder very popular for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. The total time that Lowryder needs from seeds to harvest is 8 weeks, this is very fast.

The Lowryder is a crossing from, William`s Wonder, Northern Lights #2 and the mexican Ruderalis, an experimental crossing of years ago. The Lowryder has a small grow stage and goes very quickly into the flowering stage, this is the reason that the plant remains relatively small.

The fact that the plant is very small makes the plant a very compact and discreet marihuana plant.

The Lowryder does not stay behind to other types of cannabis where it comes to taste and high. Lowryder is a very popular weed species for both growers and users.

Genetics: Williams's Wonder / Nothern Lights No.2 / Mexican Ruderalis
Harvest Time: 8-9 weeks after sowing
Flowering Period: 5+ weeks
Harvest outdoor: from July
THC content: 10-12 %
Yield: 15-30 grams per plant
Plant height: 30-50 cm 
Seeds: 3 feminized autoflower seeds
Characteristics: Thick, very early flowering plants

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Weight (including package): 8 grams

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Discontinued No longer available
Lowryder autoflower feminized (3 seeds) Joint Doctors € 23,95
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