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Kanna Happy Honey sachets (5 pieces)

€ 6,95

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Happy Honey is a mixture of honey, Kanna and valerian root.   Happy Honey can easily be added to tea and has a relaxing effect.

Effect Happy Honey
The active ingredients in Happy Honey are Kanna and valerian root. Kanna, in low doses, has a relaxing effect; some users also experience a feeling of harmony. The valerian root is known for producing a relaxing and calming effect.

Use of Happy Honey
Happy Honey has user-friendly packaging. The honey can be taken directly or added to tea and other hot drinks. Do not use more than 4 bags of Happy Honey per day. Happy Honey should be stored in the dark.

Contains 5 bags.

Happy Honey ingredients
Honey, Tortuosum Sceletium (Kanna), lemon balm, valerian root tincture.

Warnings Happy Honey
Sceletium toruosum acts as a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). Do not combine with other SSRIs (Paxil, Prozac) or MAO inhibitors.

Shipping restrictions Happy Honey
Order this product only if it is legal in the country where you reside. We cannot ship this product to Australia, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Thailand, Turkey or the United States.

Weight (including package): 40 grams

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In Stock
Kanna Happy Honey sachets (5 pieces) € 6,95
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