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Growtent Darkstreet II Secret Jardin

€ 76,26
Discontinued No longer available

Grow tents from Secret Jardin are of excellent quality. Secret Jardin is an established name and sells tents worldwide. The Dark Street II is an improved version of the darkstreet growtent. De advantages of the dakrstreet II are:

  • The inside is made  of Mylar with has a light reflection of 95%.
  • Improved canvas of better quality.
  • Stronger zips of 1 cm with improved luminance.
  • Large inlets and outlets.
  • Steel poles with a diameter of 16 mm.
  • All DS-II tents are equipped with a removable waterproof container.
  • Dark Street II tents come with two mounting tubes for filter or lighting.
  • 2 years warranty on factory defects

A grow tent is one of the products that will help the hobby grower to get a better result. The main advantages of a grow tent are:

  • A grow tent is silver or white on the inside so the light is reflected. The plants are getting more light from more sides. The plants will stretch less and wil be more dense.
  • The temperature in a grow tent is better to manage than in a larger space. The tent makes the growing space smaller and provides a closed environment.
  • The smell can be better tackled with a grow tent. Because the tent is fully enclosed there is less odor outside the tent. The tent is not odor proof, but it reduces the smell. The tent can also be connected to an air extraction system.
  • By using a grow tent the grow room remains clean. The tent is a closed environment so it is difficult for pests to enter the grow room.

This grow tent comes in three sizes (60x60x140 / 90x90x160 / 120x120x180 cm).


Available Options:

Weight (including package): 6,600 grams

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Discontinued No longer available
Growtent Darkstreet II Secret Jardin € 76,26
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Reviews Growtent Darkstreet II Secret Jardin
5 of 5 Stars!
by Nabis
Monday, 27 February 2012
Really excellent product, awesome quality, perfect for beginners,
And Dutch HeadShop deliver very fast, safe and discretly, great service up here ;)
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