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Futurola Joint Roller

€ 12,50

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The first real and easy joint roller. The futurola is handy for those who can`t roll a decent joint but also usefull for places where rolling a good joint is difficult for example: on the beach, on a festival or when you are on the way to somewhere. The best among the joint rollers in quality and usefulness.

Rolling a joint has never been so easy.

  • Simply fill the roller with all the right ingredients.
  • Rotate the roller, rotate the paper in.
  • Lick the glue-edge and rotate it to finish the joint.

The Futurola is suitable for all types of large rolling paper, such as Smoking, Rizla, RSrolls or Futurola rolling paper. The joints made ​​with Futurola are about 11 cm long.

You can get these joint rollers in different colors.
The Futurola comes with instructions.

View video of Futurola joint roller

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Weight (including package): 74 grams

Reviews Futurola Joint Roller
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5 of 5 Stars!
Seriously, the person who invented this should get a medal! Easy to use and I mean really ANYONE - with a bit of prac.....
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Video Futurola Joint Roller

In Stock
Futurola Joint Roller € 12,50
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Reviews Futurola Joint Roller
5 of 5 Stars!
by Dream Evil
Wednesday, 16 July 2008
Seriously, the person who invented this should get a medal!

Easy to use and I mean really ANYONE - with a bit of practice - can roll a perfect joint with this. But even on a first try you'll have a joint that is smokable.

The manual comes in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and of course dutch.

I have the best results with filling it up with tobacco until you get the same hight as the book / tip then add the weed (or what ever) and add another layer of tobacco making sure it burns easily and evenly.

If in any case after some use it starts to roll harder then usually check the underside for any tobacco and such clean that will greatly help.
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